Theses from Previous Years

As you think about writing a thesis in Government, or commence your research on your thesis, you may wonder what a successful thesis looks like. We have collected some theses from previous years on this page; please peruse them and use them as examples of how to structure your own thesis.


Theory Thesis 1

Theory Thesis 2

Theory Thesis 3

Theory Thesis 4

Theory Thesis 5


Comparative Thesis 1

Comparative Thesis 2

Comparative Thesis 3

Comparative Thesis 4

Comparative Thesis 5

Comparative Thesis 7

Comparative Thesis 8


American Thesis 1

American Thesis 2

American Thesis 3

American Thesis 4

American Thesis 5

American Thesis 6

American Thesis 7

American Thesis 8

International Relations

IR Thesis 1

IR Thesis 2

IR Thesis 3

IR Thesis 4

IR Thesis 5

IR Thesis 6