Tech Science Requirements and Course Options

The Tech Science program requirements mirror the regular Government undergraduate curriculum requirements, but are  more directive in the choice of courses and require some courses outside the Government Department. The aim of the requirements below is to ensure that all students graduating in Tech Sci have a firm understanding of key issues and methods for studying the intersection of technology and governance. 

Foundations of Technology Science Requirement

The following 3 courses are required: 

  1. Gov 1433: Tech Science: From Democracy to Technocracy and Back Again
  2. Gov 1430: Tech Science to Save the World
  3. Gov 93b: Technology Science Practicum (Prerequisite: Gov 1430)

Allied Skill Requirement

Two of the following courses in computer science, statistics, economics, or data science:

  • CS 50: Introduction to Computer Science 
  • CS 51: Abstraction and Design in Computation 
  • CS109A: Data Science I: Introduction to Data Science
  • CS109B: Data Science II: Advanced Topics in Data Science
  • CS 181: Machine Learning
  • CS 182: Artificial Intelligence
  • Econ 1123: Introduction to Econometrics
  • Econ 1126: Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • Gov 50: Data
  • Gov 51: Data Analysis and Politics
  • Gov 52: Models
  • Gov 2001: Quantitative Social Science Methods I
  • Stat 104: Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economics
  • Stat 109: Intro to Statistical Modelling
  • Stat 110: Introduction to Probability
  • Stat 111: Introduction to Statistical Inference

Technology and Governance Requirement

One of the following courses on the intersection of technology and government:

  • Applied Computation 221: Critical Thinking in Data Science
  • Computer Science 90NAR: Applied Ethical and Governance Challenges in AI 
  • Computer Science 90NBR: Internet & Society: The Technologies and Politics of Control
  • Computer Science 105: Privacy and Technology 
  • Econ 50 (formerly Econ 1152): Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems
  • Econ 1000: Growth, Technology, Inequality, and Evolution
  • Gen Ed 1058: Tech Ethics
  • Gov 93CJ: Criminal Justice Policy Practicum: Opportunities Beyond Bars.
  • Gov 94AS: The Politics of Virtual Realities
  • Gov 94BF: #AbolishPolice: The Politics of Public Safety in the Age of Social Media
  • Gov 94HJ: Technically Justice? The Politics of Technology and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Gov 94JH: American Cyber Politics 
  • Gov 1115: Social Movements, Protest and Politics in Comparative Perspective 
  • Gov 1142: Principles of Public Policy 
  • Gov 1263: Improving Governance in Developing Countries
  • Gov 1359: The Road to the White House
  • Gov 1360: American Public Opinion
  • Gov 1368: The Politics of American Education
  • Gov 1790: American Foreign Policy 
  • Gov 2148: Civil Society, West and East
  • Gov 2576: The Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
  • History of Science 188V: Data and Democracy
  • History of Science 231: Transforming Technologies: Science, Technology, and Social Change
  • History of Science 272: Big Data: Past, Present, Future
  • History of Science 189: The World We Made: Technology and Society
  • IGA 236 (at the Harvard Kennedy School): Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law
  • IGA 240 (at the Harvard Kennedy School): Cyber and Information Operations: Technology, Policy, and the Law
  • IGA 507 (at the Harvard Kennedy School): Science and Technology in Domestic and International Policy
  • IGA 538 (at the Harvard Kennedy School): Technology, Privacy, and the Trans-National Nature of the Internet
  • Psychology 980JF: The Human Factor

Other Notes about Courses and Requirements

  • Not all courses listed above are offered each year. Please see for the course offerings in AY2020-2021.
  • The default grading option for CS 50 is SAT/UNSAT, so that will be accepted for credit. All other courses for Tech Science must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Double-counting courses for multiple requirements is generally not allowed, with the following exceptions: 
    • Either Gov 1430 or Gov 1433 can also be used to meet the American politics subfield requirement.
    • If a Gov Department course or Gen Ed 1058 is used for the Technology and Governance Requirement, then that course may also be used for either a subfield requirement or the Gov 94 requirement if it would otherwise meet that requirement. Please note, however, that all students concentrating in Government must take a minimum of ten (10) distinct courses in Government.