Summer School Policy

Summer school policy (updated February 2021): Ordinarily, concentrators and secondary-field students can count only one Harvard Summer School Government course towards their Government concentration requirements. For Summer 2021 only, both concentrators and secondary-field students can count up to two courses from the list below toward Government requirements. This policy only applies if the courses are taken during Summer 2021. Only the courses below will count toward Government concentration or secondary-field credit; no petitions to count other courses will be considered. 

Harvard Summer School 2021 courses that can count for Gov credit

The following courses can count for Gov concentration or secondary-field credit. Unless otherwise noted, for concentrators, the courses count only toward elective credit:

Govt S-10: Introduction to Political Philosophy (March)

Govt S-20: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Soroka) (may also count for comparative subfield)

Govt S-1045: Justice (Imparato)

Govt S-1111: Political Corruption (J. Baum)

Govt S-1113: Democracy's Century (Soroka) (may also count for comparative subfield)

Govt S-1116: Populism and the Erosion of Democracy (J. Baum)

Govt S-1275: Asia in World Affairs (Fujihira)

Govt S-1315: Race and US Politics (Wise)

Govt S-1362: Political Communication (M. Baum) (may also count for American subfield)
Govt S-1550: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy (M. Baum) (may also count for IR subfield)

Govt S-1731: The Future of War (Nichols)

Govt S-1763: Thinking Outside the Box: Exploring New Insights into North Korea (Park) (may also count for comparative subfield)

Govt S-1967: Muslim Politics (Kane)


Stat S-100: Introduction to Quantitative Methods (Rader & Vu) – only for concentrators wanting to meet the Gov methods requirement. Note that any concentrator meeting the methods requirement with a course outside the Gov Dept is required to take one additional Gov elective. This course does not count as a Gov elective for concentrators or toward Gov secondary-field credit. 
If you have any questions about policies for summer school, please email the Gov undergraduate office.