Summer Opportunities

Below you will find information about potential summer jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Some of the opportunities may come from outside organizations. Appearance on this list does not imply endorsement of the points of view or positions taken by these organizations. If you have suggestions for opportunities to include below, please email the Gov Undergrad Office.

Internship Opportunities through the Government Department

The Government Department funds summer internships through the Chair’s Traveling Fund. Offered in partnership with several Harvard Centers, these internships offer the opportunity to fuse practical and academic experiences. These internships are open only to Government concentrators. Please note that selection in each case will be made by a joint Government/Center committee and may also require an interview with the host institution. This list will be updated in Fall 2022/Winter 2023, so please check back periodically.


Centre for Global Studies 
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

The Centre for Global Studies (CFGS) in Victoria (BC) is pleased to offer fully funded research internships over the summer (preferred period: May-June). The intern will be involved in the Centre’s multidisciplinary and international research initiatives, participating in a highly engaging and collaborative work environment organized around four core themes: governance, environmental challenges, social justice, and culture and identity. The CFGS and its core research projects are strongly committed to community-based research and innovative outreach initiatives. The Centre has a rich history of producing cutting-edge research and disseminating it in accessible ways for both policy makers and the wider community. 

The intern will be part of one of the Centre’s core projects all critically concerned with Canada’s legacy of colonial structures and dedicated to working with Indigenous communities. 

·       The POLIS Project on Ecological Governance exploring new governance approaches with an explicit focus on ecological function and healthy watersheds, conservation, community-driven collaboration, stewardship, and respect for Indigenous rights and knowledge; 

·       The Borders in Globalization – 21st Century Borders with a focus also on Nationhood & Nationalism: Indigenous Self-Determination; 

·       The EU funded Jean Monnet Project on Memory Politics exploring past injustices in a comparative, transatlantic perspective; 

·       In addition, intern will have the opportunity to connect with UVic’s Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-led Engagement


The tasks of the intern may include, but are not limited to: 

·       Assistance in research projects: literature research, data analysis, communication, visualisation and presentation of research findings and outreach initiatives; 

·       Assistance in project related events or initiatives in the community. 

The precise content of the internship is going to be agreed on between the academic mentor and the intern.  

CFGS staff will be able to point interns to relevant sources of information for finding housing in Victoria.  

Application deadline is February 10, 2023. Please apply through CARAT


Please include in your application: 

-One-page cover letter (should address what part of the program appeals most (e.g., environment, Indigenous rights, etc.) 

-Unofficial transcript 

-One letter of recommendation  



ZOiS Internship, Berlin, Germany


The Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) in Berlin can offer generously funded research internships over the summer. Thanks to the internship, students can be involved in one of the capital’s most dynamic research institutes on Central and Eastern Europe and acquire a deeper understanding of the political and public dynamics in Germany. The institute undertakes fundamental research and also plays an active part in the political and public discourse on Germany. 


The intern will be part of one of the institute’s main research clusters (Youth in Eastern Europe, Societies between Stability and Change, Conflict Dynamics and Border Regions, Migration and Diversity, and the Political Economy of Eastern Europe). Therein, the person will contribute to one specific research project and will have the opportunity to pursue work on an independent research paper in consultation with the supervisor. The academic leader of the chosen research cluster is also going to act as the personal supervisor of the intern. The tasks of the intern may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in research projects: literature research, data analysis, visualisation and presentation of data (using R) and research findings, and support in conceiving new projects
  • Background research for project- and event-related publications or lectures by ZOiS staff or for media requests 

The precise content of the internship is going to be agreed on between the academic mentor and the intern. 


Excellent Microsoft Office skills are required; knowledge of a statistical programming language such as R is an advantage but no requirement. Knowledge of Russian or another East European language is desirable. Knowledge of German is helpful but not required. 


Administrative staff at ZOiS can point to relevant sources of information for finding housing in Berlin. 


The application deadline is February 10, 2023. Please apply through CARAT. 

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