Wesley De Silvestro

Wesley De Silvestro

Peer Concentration Counselor
Class of 2021 (Winthrop House)
Wesley Desilvestro

My name is Wesley De Silvestro, and I am a junior in Winthrop House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Computer Science. I’m originally from Lakeland, FL, and I am still gradually adjusting to Boston’s frigid winters (and maybe even secretly enjoying them).

Within the field of Government, my interests are in American Politics, specifically in the subfields of public opinion, political methodology, and electoral politics. Some of my favorite courses in these areas include Political Communication with Matthew Baum at HKS, Environmental Politics with Sheila Jasanoff in the ESPP Department, and Inequality & American Democracy with Theda Skocpol in our very own Government Department.

A major trend within the Government department over the past few years has been toward combining traditional political science with new developments in technology and computer science. I’ve been fascinated by this intersection since I’ve come to Harvard and investigate a variety of analytical methods in social science research here on campus. I’ve explored this intersection academically within the CS, Statistics, and Government departments, as well as beyond the classroom. I co-chaired a research team at the IOP on net neutrality and worked this past summer as a data scientist for a progressive political strategy firm. I’m happy to talk to anyone interested in this intersection and how they can pursue it at Harvard in a way that best fits them.

There are so many opportunities available at this institution that it can be difficult to navigate and find what is the right fit for you. I’d love to talk to prospective or current concentrators to answer any questions you might have, brainstorm making the most of your time at Harvard, and/or nerding out about something in the field of American Politics. Shoot me an email and let’s find a time to talk!