Sarah James

Sarah James

PhD Candidate in Government
Concentration Adviser for Lowell House

Hi there! I am a seventh year Government and Social Policy PhD candidate. I study inequality and social policy, particularly at the state and local level. Specifically, my dissertation examines how public officials use data to understand and respond to the impact of state-level social policy. The project relies on case studies (from education and tax policy) and a mixed methods approach. I also study the changing nature of the political organizations supporting political parties in contemporary America, the effects of educational experiences and interactions with government on future civic participation. Thesis advising (and I have advised 9 so far!) is one of my favorite responsibilities in the Government department, as I tend to learn as much from my students as I teach them. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a teacher and, later, high school principal for 5 years in Boston; consequently I continue to be aware of and involved with current education policy and dynamics.

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