Salome Garnier

Salome Garnier

Peer Concentration Counselor
Class of 2022 (Lowell House)
Salome Garnier

My name is Salomé Garnier, and I’m a junior studying Government with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I am originally from the south of France, and live in Lowell House on campus. Welcome to the Government concentration! 

I chose Gov because I want to work in international development and public policy. I am interested primarily in Latin America and Africa, and the flexibility of the Gov department has allowed me to take classes specifically targeting those regions. Some of my favorite classes so far have been Gov 1295: Comparative Politics in Latin America, taught by the incredible Steve Levitsky, and a Gov94 seminar on Politics of Development in Africa, taught by Pia Raffler. I believe she is now teaching this class as a lecture, and I strongly recommend it! 

In the Gov department, I had the opportunity to do research for professors Horacio Larreguy and Pia Raffler on a project about debate participation in presidential elections in Latin America and Africa. I originally entered the project through the Gov 92r course: Faculty Research Assistant. Taking Gov 92r (i.e. doing research for academic credit) is an amazing way to connect and work closely with faculty in an area that interests you. A wide array of projects are listed on the department website before the beginning of the semester. I would love to talk more about what research in the gov department looks like! I’ve also participated in a research project with HKS, and did research this summer at Sciences Po University, so feel free to reach out if you’re interested in research outside of Harvard College.

Finally, outside of classes, I am an associate editor for the Harvard International Review. This is an amazing student-run publication for which students can write about any international relations-related topic they’re interested in. I am a coxswain for the Radcliffe Heavyweight Rowing team, and President of the Harvard College French Club. I would love to talk about what being an international student in the gov department looks like: there are a lot of internationals, and many classes focus on regions other than the United States. I also use my foreign language skills in research projects and classes I’ve taken, which is super useful! 

Please reach out if you have any questions about the gov department, specifically if you are interested in international development or public policy outside of the United States. I’d love to talk to you about research or about being an international student in the department. Looking forward to meeting you!