Rachel Janfaza

Rachel Janfaza

Peer Concentration Counselor
Class of 2020 (Eliot House)
Rachel Janfaza

Hi there! My name is Rachel Janfaza, and I am a senior in Eliot House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Although I chose to study Government early on in my time at Harvard, I didn’t fully appreciate my Gov experience until I understood the benefits of the Gov advising system. I’d love to chat with you about this!

Aside from studying Government, I’m very involved with The CIVICS Program at the IOP. In part, teaching civics and government to fifth graders inspired me to write my senior thesis on youth activism and civic engagement, mainly looking at how kids under the age of 18 engage in politics without actually being able to vote.

I’m from Weston, MA and the oldest of four siblings. When not talking politics, I’m probably writing. I do so for a number of places, but on campus, I write for Fifteen Minutes at The Crimson. I’ve also had experience working on political campaigns and am passionate about K-12 Education! 

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