Meredith Dost

Meredith Dost

PhD Candidate in Government
Concentration Adviser for Quincy House

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in Government and Social Policy studying American politics. My dissertation research focuses on how administrative burden affects potential beneficiaries of governmental welfare programs, specifically, how interactions with the administrative state influences political behavior and attitudes. I employ a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods in my research and would be happy to advise a thesis in the realm of American politics and policy using nearly any method. In addition, I worked at Pew Research Center before graduate school and therefore have extensive experience analyzing survey data and developing surveys. As a resident tutor and government concentration advisor at Quincy House, I greatly enjoy interacting with and advising undergraduates, and I am currently advising a senior honors thesis. Please reach out if you want to chat about thesis ideas and to see if our advising styles mesh!

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