Lainey Newman

Lainey Newman

Peer Concentration Counselor
Class of 2021 (Adams House)
Lainey Newman

My name is Lainey Newman, and I am a senior in Adams House concentrating in Government and pursuing a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. I’m so excited to be one of this year’s Government Peer Concentration Counselors! I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA.

Within the concentration of Government, my particular passion is focusing on American politics with an emphasis on state and local-level policymaking. Throughout my time at Harvard, some of my favorite Gov classes have been: Feminist Political Thought, taught by Prof. Forrester; Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today, taught by Prof. Unger at HLS; Inequality in American Democracy, a Gov94 seminar taught by Prof. Theda Skocpol; and American Health Care Policy, taught by Prof. Chernew as a USW class.

Outside of classes, I am a research assistant for Prof. Theda Skocpol, and I am very involved in Harvard Model Congress and the PBHA HOPE program. I serve as the President of Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2020, which means that I, along with my Executive Board, organize for a government-simulation conference that we put on in Dubai every January. I am also a Site Director for the Harvard Organization for Prison Eduation (HOPE) program. Through this program, several Harvard students go into Boston twice a week to mentor and tutor several young men in a group home.

Lastly, one of the things on campus that I have the opportunity to do that I really enjoy is a research assistantship for Prof. Skocpol. The fall of my freshman year, I took Gov 20: The Introduction to Comparative Politics, and I remember reading Skocpol’s 1979 book States and Social Revolutions. Then, about a year later, I heard about an opening to be a research assistant for Prof. Skocpol to do research on the opioid epidemic in various rural counties in PA, NC, WI, and OH. This seemed like a really good fit for me, as I had just completed an internship that summer at the Office of Policy and Planning for Governor Tom Wolf doing research on the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania. Since becoming an RA, I’ve been pulled to help out on different projects that Prof. Skocpol is doing, which has been a really great experience.

After undergrad, I plan to attend law school. I’m hoping I’ll end up back in Pittsburgh (or PA in general) because I love the city and am a proud Pennsylvanian!

Please reach out if you have any questions about navigating the Government concentration or if you’re considering it but not yet sure! Looking forward to meeting you.

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