Horacio Larreguy

Horacio Larreguy

Associate Professor

I am a political economist broadly interested in political accountability and voter behavior in the developing world. In broad terms, my research seeks to understand how policies in countries of recent or weakly institutionalized democratization may more effectively reflect the preferences of voters, ultimately leading to good governance. In particular, my research focuses on three substantive areas: (i) clientelism, (ii) information and electoral accountability, and (iii) education and political participation. My research uses a variety of empirical methods and formal theory to provide rigorous answers to the questions that I tackle. Most of my research is concentrated in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. I place great importance and emphasis on mentoring undergraduate students so that they can reach their potential at Harvard and to successfully pursue their career goals. I believe that the core of mentoring undergraduate students is to create opportunities for interacting with faculty at various levels. I usually offer several research assistantships during the semester and over the summer through the Institute for Quantitative Social Studies (IQSS) Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program, the Department of Government 92r program, and the Harvard College Build Learning through Inquiry in the Social Sciences (BLISS) program. I have also advised several undergraduate theses from a range of departments at Harvard College.

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1737 Cambridge Street, CGIS Knafel Building 408, Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-1497


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