Hanno Hilbig

Hanno Hilbig

PhD Candidate in Government

I am excited to advise theses on wide range of topics that are related to my own research, including:

  • Economic, social and racial inequality in the US and Europe.
  • The effect of public opinion on political rhetoric and policy decisions.
  • Gender and politics, with special attention to the gender gap in political representation.
  • The politics of immigration, especially asylum policies, labor market participation, as well as media coverage of immigration. 
  • Criminal justice and the carceral system in the United States, focusing on the effects of a criminal record in higher education and political participation. 
  • The persistent effect of culture and historical customs on preferences and political behavior. 

I have been a TF for classes on research methodology (Fall 18) in the Government department, as well as on big data, inequality, education and social mobility in the economics department (Spring 19) and the Kennedy School (Fall 19). I have received certificates of distinction in teaching for all the classes that I have taught so far. In the past, I have advised a thesis on the use of risk scores in the criminal justice system in the United States. My goal is to advise students along all stages of the writing process, including formulating a research question, finding a data or cases as well as choosing a suitable method of analysis. Please feel free to reach out and discuss potential topics with me.

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