Daniel Gottesman

Daniel Gottesman

Peer Concentration Counselor
Class of 2022 (Currier House)

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and I'm a junior in Currier House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. I'm from Los Angeles, CA, and am very excited to be a Peer Concentration Counselor this year!

Within Government, I am most interested in political polarization (understanding the divides among Americans and how to bridge them) and international relations. I also enjoy learning about technology policy, education policy, and local government. Fortunately, there are ample opportunities to study all of these fields within Gov! Among my favorite Gov courses have been Gov 20 and Gov 1295 with Professor Steve Levitsky, which deal with Comparative Politics; Gov 1430 with Professor Latanya Sweeney, which deals with technology policy; and my Gov 94 seminar with Professor Steve Rosen on international relations. I have also taken fascinating courses at the Kennedy School. 

Outside of class, I serve as the Director of Conferences for the Harvard Political Union, meaning that I organize student involvement for the largest conference of new members of Congress in the nation! I also serve as the Vice Chair of the Harvard Alexander Hamilton Society, a group that focuses on America's role in the world. In my spare time on campus, I often attend office hours for professors I don't know to expose myself to new ideas. I also play lots of intramural sports, and compete with Harvard's quidditch team!

I've worked numerous Government-related jobs and internships, especially in the political polarization space. I'm currently an intern for the American University Program on Legislative Negotiation, which trains Congressional staffers and state legislators on conducting negotiations in more bipartisan ways. I'm also an Intern for FixUS, which researches the causes and consequences of American political polarization. In the past, I've worked for a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District School Board and started my own speaker series about local government.

I love giving advice to other Gov concentrators, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! I'd be delighted to help.