Aaron Watanabe

Aaron Watanabe

PhD Student in Government
Concentration Adviser for Leverett House

I have been around the department since I took my first Gov class as an undergraduate in Spring 2011. I've since been a Gov concentrator, written a Gov thesis, and come back to be a Gov PhD student in 2016, when I began serving as a concentration adviser. Advising concentrators has been great fun for me and lets me, I hope, pay forward the great advising I received as an undergrad.

I am very knowledgeable about the Gov thesis writing process. I've advised multiple thesis, served as a Departmental Writing Fellow, and been a TF for Gov 62 (a course on designing research for juniors preparing to write theses) several times. I enjoy getting to share what I do as a(n aspiring) professional political scientist with undergraduates. While my own work focuses on populism, political elites and elections in Brazil, Peru, and Italy, I'm excited about most topics in American or Comparative politics. My previous advisees have written about everything from the impact of neurobiology on voter turnout to school district mergers in the US South to the rise of Narendra Modi in India. Please email me if you'd like to talk about a potential project!


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