Peer Concentration Counselors

The Peer Concentration Counselors (PCCs) are Government junior and senior concentrators who have volunteered to act as peer advisers for fellow concentrators, as well as for students who are considering declaring or switching to Gov. Peer Concentration Counselors are not meant to serve the same function as your Concentration Adviser (CA), who will continue to be your official adviser and primary source of information about the Government concentration and its requirements. Your CA remains the person with whom you go over your plan of study, and whose approval is needed for you to register for classes. Undergraduate PCCs provide you with a different perspective: that of fellow students who may have the same career goals, or similar interests in sports or extracurriculars, or the same dilemma about which concentration to choose. You should feel free to contact any PCC, not just the one(s) in your House. All have indicated their eagerness to chat by email or discuss common interests over coffee.

We hope that you will find the PCCs to be a source of additional information and support as you navigate your way through Government!