Important Info about Gov 1005

January 20, 2021

Gov 1005, Big Data, is a different class than Gov 1005, Data, which was last offered in Spring 2020. Students who took the old Gov 1005 can take the new Gov 1005 for credit. See below for FAQs:


Question: Can I take this course if I already took Gov 1005: Data?

Answer: Yes! Although the course has the same number, it has a new title and a lot of new material. Check out the new syllabus and textbook.


Question: Can I take this course if I already took Gov 50?

Answer:  Yes.


Question: Should I take the course?

Answer: It depends. It is still a course which welcomes beginners, most of whom need to learn R/RStudio and Git/Github. So, there will be some review. But the statistics/modeling aspects of the course are very different than what I have done in the past. Using big data makes many changes necessary.


Question: Do you really use "Big Data?"

Answer: Yes! We will work with data with millions of rows, data so big it won't fit on your laptop. Welcome to the world of cloud computing.


Question: What happened to Gov 1006: Models?

Answer: It is not offered this spring. But several students who have taken Gov 1005 in the past will be taking Big Data this spring, but with specially designed focus on the material taught in 1006. In particular, instead of a Shiny app final project, they will be writing a paper as in 1006: This is great preparation for a senior thesis.


Question: Can you answer my specific question?

Answer: Yes! Check out the Canvas page ( for the timing of my information sessions. You can also sign up for office hours ( this week. Or just e-mail me ( to set up a Zoom.