Government Hoopes Prize Winners 2020

May 15, 2020

The following Government concentrators in the Class of 2020 have been awarded the prestigious Hoopes Prize for outstanding senior theses. Congratulations!

Angie Cui, “Diplomas for Diplomacy: Foreign Students in China and the Soft Power Question” 

Isabelle DeSisto, “From the ‘Island of Freedom’ to the Iron Curtain: Rethinking the Role of Soft Power in Soviet-Cuban Educational Exchange Programs” 

Dhruv Gupta, “Bike Sharing Is Transit: Building Tools to Plan and Optimize Bike-Sharing Networks” 

Matthew Keating, “From Lesvos to Leipzig: Comparative Legal Frameworks and Obstacles for LGBTQ Asylum Seekers in the European Union” 

Shireen Younus, “The Real Color of Islam: The Impact of Islamization on Muslim Minorities in Pakistan”