Meeting the Subfield Requirements

Every Government concentrator is required to take one course in each of the 4 subfields of political science (American politics, international relations, political theory, and comparative politics). The courses that count for each subfield can be found by searching specific keywords in the my.harvard course search bar:

To find the courses counting for... in my.harvard using the following keyword:
Political theory theory_subfield
Comparative politics comparative_subfield
American politics american_subfield
International relations ir_subfield

In addition, the following courses outside the Government Department offered in AY2022 may count for subfield credit because they are taught by Government Department faculty:

Course Faculty Subfield
General Education 1032: Res Publica: A History of Representative Government  Daniel Carpenter American politics
General Education 1052: Race in a Polarized America Jennifer Hochschild American politics
General Education 1181: Meritocracy and Its Critics Michael Sandel Political theory
Social Studies 98TD: The Theory and Practice of Democracy in the Global South Julie Weaver Comparative politics
Social Studies 98VF: The Foundations of Democracy & Dictatorship Steve Levitsky Comparative politics

No other courses can be counted for subfield credit. 

Please note the following: 

(1) The keyword searches above may bring up Gov 94 seminars that can be used for subfield requirements if concentrators are not already using them for the Gov 94 seminar requirement. Students wishing to use a Gov 94 for a subfield requirement should notify Karen Kaletka, the Manager of Undergraduate Studies, so it will be reflected on their official academic advising report. 

(2) Subfield courses must be taken for a letter grade. No courses taken P/F or Sat/Unsat can be counted for subfield credit.