Hello from the DUS!


Welcome from the DUS!

My name is Nara Dillon and I am taking over for Cheryl Welch, who is on sabbatical. She plans to retire this coming summer.  We will miss her while she is in Florida, but she will return later this spring and will continue to be an active member of our Government Department community. You can reach her through her Harvard email address.

Some of you know me already because I have been teaching Chinese politics in the East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department.  My research focuses on welfare, charity, and slums in China and other developing countries. I teach courses on Chinese politics and economic development, as well as comparative courses on urbanization and globalization.  In addition to my academic research, I am also interested in American politics and policy.  Before going to graduate school, I worked as an analyst and deputy budget director for the state Senate Ways & Means committee.  I have also volunteered for political campaigns and NGOs.

I hope to meet all of you over the next year. In addition to seeing you at the academic and social events we have planned for Gov concentrators, you are welcome to come to my office hours at any time. I am especially interested in talking to all students who want to do a joint concentration or to study abroad.  But I want to talk to all of you about your intellectual and political interests.


--Dr. Nara Dillon