Hello from the DUS!

NDWelcome back to campus!  I hope your summer was as good as mine—I had fun in China and Japan, where I did research and enjoyed some vacation time as well.  Now I am glad to reconnect with students and colleagues as we begin a new year.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2019-20. This fall, we have new seminars on peacebuilding, global governance, and cyberpolitics. Some popular courses are also returning, such as Michael Sandel’s course on the ethics of technology and Richard Fallon’s course on constitutional law.

In addition, the department will be implementing the reforms proposed by last year’s “Climate Change Committee,” seeking to foster a more inclusive community among Gov students, faculty, and staff.  A key part of my role as Director of Undergraduate Studies is to serve as your advocate within the department and the broader university. If you have any ideas or suggestions, come see me.


I hope to see you all at our Welcome Back BBQ on the CGIS lawn: Wednesday, September 4th, 5-7 pm.


--Dr. Nara Dillon, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Government