Hello from the DUS!


Welcome back!  We are very glad to be able to return to CGIS after 17 months of working from home.  We are even more eager for your return to campus and the beginning of the second chapter in this coronavirus pandemic.  The first chapter of the pandemic proved to be one of the most difficult periods in Harvard’s long history; we hope the second chapter will be more ordinary, even if we continue to face considerable uncertainty about how it will unfold.

At least the beginning of this chapter is clear--we are coming back together again. With vaccines to protect us and our community, we are in a position to enjoy the key purpose of a university: to bring people together to learn from each other and the world around us.  Enjoy reconnecting with your friends, classmates, and mentors. Enjoy getting to know the new people who will enter your life this year.  Our classes, research, and extra-curricular activities will be that much better when we are together.

Here in the Undergraduate Program in the Government Department, we welcome your questions and suggestions for making this year healthy, productive, and fun. If you are having problems, let us know.  If you have ideas for making this year better, let us know.  Most of all, stop by CGIS K151 to say hello—we are eager to see you outside of the confines of our little Zoom boxes.

--Dr. Nara Dillon, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Government