Harvard College's Distribution and QRD Requirements

Starting in Fall 2019, students have had to meet two new requirements before graduation:

  1. A distribution requirement: One departmental course in each of the three divisions at FAS: (1) arts and humanities, (2) social sciences, and (3) science and engineering and applied science.
  2. Quantitative reasoning with data (QRD) requirement: One course that familiarizes students with the basic tools of data analysis.

The vast majority of Government Department courses meet the divisional distribution requirement in the social sciences. To confirm that a particular class will count for that requirement, look at the "divisional tag" under the course description in my.harvard.edu.

The following Government courses offered in AY2022 meet the QRD requirement:

  • Gov 50: Data
  • Gov 51: Data Analysis and Politics
  • Gov 1010: Survey Research Methods