Gov 97: The Sophomore Tutorial in Government

In Spring 2021, the Government Sophomore Tutorial will take an innovative approach to introducing sophomores to research in political science. Students will choose their topic of interest while building on a common curriculum of learning how to research and write a research paper.

The topics for Gov 97 in Spring 2021 are as follows: 

  1. Political Representation in Theory and Practice
  2. The Causes and Consequences of Rising Partisan Segregation in the United States
  3. The Politics of Organized Crime
  4. Comparative Authoritarianism: A Dissection of Dictators’ Playbook
  5. Religion and Democracy - The American Case
  6. The Making of the Leviathan: Hobbes and Modern Political Foundations
  7. Constitutional Guardianship in the American System
  8. Social Influences on Political Behavior
  9. Technology and Disruption in International Relations
  10. Southeast Asia in World Politics
  11. Science, Technology, and Innovation in International Security

Further information about Gov 97 can be found on the course Canvas page