Gov 94 Seminars

Every Government concentrator is required to take at least one Government 94. Syllabi for Spring 2023 Gov 94 seminars will be available online as they become available. Please note that you must enter the lottery to take a Gov 94; every effort will be made to grant your first or second choice, although priority is given to Government concentrators.

The online Gov 94 lottery form must be submitted by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17. Students who fail to submit a 94 lottery form on time will receive last priority in the assignment of seminars. Students will be notified of the lottery results no later than January 18.

Note: primary Government concentrators may use Gov 94 to fulfill subfield requirements if they are not using it to fulfill the seminar requirement. Subfields are listed below. Please contact Karen Kaletka if you would like to apply this option.






AB The Theory and Practice of Civil-Military Relations Theory Ben Sasson-Gordis Tu 9:45-11:45
BF #AbolishPolice: The Politics of Public Safety in the Age of Social Media American Halen Tu 3:00-5:45
BK Democratic Citizenship and Education Comparative Bickmore W 12:00-2:45
DC Democracy in Crisis in Latin America Comparative Hagopian Tu 9:45-11:45
DN Mapping Social and Environmental Space   Kelly Tu 3:00-5:00
DT The Authoritarian Turn in Central and Eastern Europe Comparative Ekiert W 3:00-5:00
EM Crime, Responsibility, and the Law Theory Katsh Tu 12:45-2:45
KA Thinking Outside the Box - Exploring New Insights Into North Korea Comparative Park Th 9:45-11:45
LP Nuclear Politics IR Huguley M 9:45-11:45
ML Ethnic and Identity Politics Comparative Malik M 3:00-5:45
MN Politics of Nationalisms in the Two Koreas Comparative Moon Tu 12:45-2:45
ND Global Cities in East Asia Comparative Dillon Th 12:45-2:45
PJ The Political Theory of Social Movements Theory Pottle W 9:45-11:45
PK Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy IR Powers W 9:45-11:45
SF Ideologies in Conflict: Fascism, Socialism, Nationalism Comparative Epstein W 3:00-5:45
TR The Politics of Economic Inequality Comparative Remington Th 9:45-11:45
WT The Politics of Urban Inequality in the United States American Weitz Tu 6:00-8:45