General Education Courses for Government Credit

The following courses in Harvard's new General Education Program count for credit in Government, as noted below:  

Course Faculty Counts for Gov concentration elective credit? Counts for Gov concentration subfield credit? Counts for the secondary field in Government?
Gen Ed 1008: Power and Identity in the Middle East (spring)

Melani Cammett

Yes Yes (Comparative subfield) Yes

Gen Ed 1052: Race in a Polarized America (spring)

Jennifer Hochschild

Yes Yes (American subfield) Yes

Gen Ed 1058: Tech Ethics: AI, Biotech, and the Future of Human Nature (fall)

Michael Sandel & Douglas Melton

Yes Yes (Political theory subfield) Yes

Gen Ed 1119: Law, Politics, and Trade Policy: Lessons from East Asia (spring)

Christina Davis

Yes Yes (IR subfield) Yes

Gen Ed 1123: Islam and Politics in the Modern Middle East (fall)

Malika Zeghal

Yes No No


Click here for information about Government Department courses that meet the College's new distribution requirement and quantitative reasoning with data (QRD) requirement