Methods Requirement

Does Stat 100, 104, or 110 count for the methods requirement?

Yes, students may meet the methods requirement by taking a course on statistical methods in the Statistics Department (e.g., Stat 100, 104, or 110). However, any student meeting this requirement through a non-Government course must take one additional Government elective.  

What is the methods requirement in Government?

All concentrators are required to take at least one class in statistical methods. Most students will complete this requirement with Gov 50: Data. Students with previous experience in statistics (e.g., a 5 on the AP Statistics exam) may choose instead to take a higher-level course in Government, such as Gov 51 or 52, but all students must take at least one course in statistical methods for the concentration. Students may complete this requirement with a statistics course outside the Government Department (e.g., Stat 104 or Stat 110), but any concentrators meeting the requirement with a non-... Read more about What is the methods requirement in Government?