Can I drop the thesis if I need to?

Yes, you may. Each year, whether due to having picked a topic that proves intractable to research or deciding that other commitments are more pressing, a small number (usually not more than 10%) of thesis writers abandon their thesis project. If you know you will not continue to write past the Fall term, complete the requirements for that semester’s Gov 99 and do not register for 99 in the Spring term (it is divisible for precisely this reason). However, if you register for the second half of Gov 99 and do not drop it by the Add/Drop deadline, you’ve committed to handing in a thesis in March. Please stay in touch with the Department and, if you have any inkling that you may not be able to finish the thesis, let us know as soon as possible. Under certain circumstances, we may be able to convert the thesis into Gov 91r: Supervised Reading and Research, if you so desire (and need the credit to graduate).

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