You are invited to the third annual 

Government Undergraduate Thesis Symposium 

Thursday, April 28 

3:00-5:00 p.m. 

CGIS Café - Fisher Family Commons 


Join the Government Thesis Writers of 2022 as they present their research! This is a great event for prospective Government concentrators, Gov juniors who intend to write a thesis, or anyone who wants to learn about the incredible research our concentrators have done! 

Refreshments will be served! 



Thesis Symposium Presenters, 2022 


Connor Brown, “We are Breaking our Democracy”: Mixed Methods Analysis of United Kingdom Labour Party Advocacy for Withdrawal from the European Union  

Brandon Chen, Unofficial Allies: Change in the U.S.-Taiwan Diplomatic Relationship post-1978 

Corbin Duncan, Death, Taxes, and Kidnapping: Armed Banditry in Nigeria 

Salomé Garnier, “Not Your Guinea Pigs”: Trust and Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the Dominican Republic 

Austin Goldsmith-Lachut, Rejection: How Media-Influenced Bureaucratic Realignment Replicated Legal Barriers to Entry for Syrian Refugees in North-and Western Europe in 2016  

Noah Harris, The End of the Solid South: A Content Analysis Exploring the Impact of Racist Rhetoric on the 1964 Presidential Election in Local Mississippi Counties 

Celina Hollmichel, Escape, Resettlement, and Dashed Expectations Long-term Integration Challenges for North Korean and East German Refugees 


Cathrine Lilja, The Origins of Likhet: Gender, Colonialism, and Whiteness in Scandinavia from the Nineteenth Century to the Modern Day 

Daiana Lilo, Personality and Prediction: Using Statistical Modeling and Trait Analysis to Explain Judicial Decision-Making in the Supreme Court 

Sam Meyerson, Covert Regime Change During the Cold War: An Economic Affair? 

Alexandra Norris, Building Back Better: A quantitative analysis of the role of the state in natural disaster response and recovery 

Indu Pandey, Engendering Reparations: Tracing the Emergence of Gender-Based Reparations in Latin America 

Nidhi Patel, Benevolence Born of Adversity? Investigating the Neural Mechanisms Mediating the Relationship Between Trauma and Prosocial Behavior in Youth Ages 9-10 in the United States 

Jahnavi Rao, Spill They or Won’t They: The Impact of Nudges on Proximal Decisions 

Henrietta Reily, Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow: tracing discourses of climate delay in US politics 

Thomas Rollins, America’s Swinging Suburbs: How Republicans Lost Suburbia 

Preston Stewart, The Autocrat’s New Groove: How Hun Sen’s Cambodia Maximizes State Autonomy Through Ham Sandwich Diplomacy 

Jacqueline Tubbs, When “Freedom” Isn’t Free: Difficulties among Previously Incarcerated Black Mothers upon Reentry into Society 

Alexander Walsh, “No Thank You:” Why Are Veterans Forgoing Their Benefits?  

Taylor Whitsell, Shielding Justice: National War Crimes Prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Jade Woods, On the Frontlines of State Control: Collective Prison Resistance in Louisiana State Penitentiary and Mississippi State Penitentiar