Double Concentrations

A double concentration is a new option at Harvard starting AY2022. Students pursuing the double concentration will complete the full requirements for two separate fields of study during their time at Harvard. Unlike with a joint concentration, students pursuing the double concentration do not have to combine their academic fields in any way and are not required to write a senior thesis. This allows students to study two disparate fields without being concerned that they cannot easily merge their interests into one senior thesis. However, students do not get a reduction in the number of required courses like they often do for joint concentrations; instead, students pursuing the double concentration are required to complete each field’s full requirements.

The requirements for students wanting to do a double concentration in Government and another field are the same as for any other Government concentrator. Note that under Harvard College rules, no more than 8 credits (ordinarily 2 courses) can be double counted for the two fields. The full rules for double concentrators can be found in the Harvard College Handbook for Students.

Students considering a double concentration with Government should speak with their house concentration adviser about their options. In particular, students may want to consider the alternative option of doing a single concentration and a secondary field, which allows for two areas of study but with many fewer required courses. In addition, students wishing to merge two related fields into a single, unified plan of study still have the option of pursuing a joint concentration.