Courses at the Harvard Kennedy School

All Government concentrators are allowed to meet up to 2 of their 3-4 elective requirements through courses at the Harvard Kennedy School. The courses must be chosen from the ones on the list below; petitions to count other HKS courses will not be considered. Please note that secondary-field requirements cannot be met through coursework at HKS. Enrollment in HKS courses is always at the discretion of the HKS professor; please refer to the HKS website for additional instructions. 

Concentrators do not need to request permission to count the courses below for concentration credit, but they do need to fill out the appropriate paperwork so that the Government Department and FAS Registrar will know that these courses are being used for concentration credit. A Concentration Credit Petition for Cross-Registered Courses must be filed by the Fifth Monday of the semester in which the course is taken. This form requires the signature of the DUS. Please come to the Undergraduate office in CGIS between 10am and 5pm, M-F, to get the cross-registration form signed. 



Business and Government Policy
BGP- 100 The Business-Government Relationship in the United States Roger Porter FALL
BGP-610 The Political Economy of Trade  Robert Laurence FALL

Democracy, Politics and Institutions

DPI-115 The American Presidency Roger Porter FALL
DPI-122* Politics and American Public Policy David King FALL
DPI-132 Presidents, Politics, and Economic Growth: From FDR to Donald Trump Richard Parker FALL
DPI-227 Religion in America’s Political Conscience and at the Ballot Box Eugene J. Dionne FALL
DPI-308 (offered as Gov 1389) How Decision Makers Translate Public Opinion into Policy Action Benjamin Schneer FALL
DPI-342 Religion, Politics and Public Policy Richard Parker FALL
DPI-391 Race, Inequality, and American Democracy Megan Francis FALL
DPI 415 Comparative Politics and Policy Pippa Norris FALL
DPI-418 The Rise of Authoritarian Populism Pippa Norris FALL
DPI-120 * The U.S. Congress and Law Making David King SPRING
DPI-218  (offered as Gen Ed 1035) Dissent & Disobedience in Democracies Arthur Applbaum SPRING
DPI-348 (offered as Gov 1092) Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today Roberto Mangabeira Unger SPRING
DPI-450 The Political Economy of Transition in China Antony Saich SPRING
DPI-535 Making Changes When Change is Hard Samantha Power SPRING
DPI-543 Corruption: Finding It and Fixing It Jeeyang Rhee Baum SPRING
DPI-600 The Politics of the Press Nancy Gibbs SPRING
International and Global Affairs
IGA-103** Global Governance Kathryn Sikkink FALL
IGA-211 (offered as Gov 1796) Central Challenges of American National Security Graham Allison FALL
IGA-220 The Politics and Ethics of the Use of Force J. Bryan Hehir FALL
IGA-232 (offered as Gov 1735) Controlling the World’s Most Dangerous Weapons Matthew Bunn FALL
IGA-240 Cyber and Information Operations: Technology, Policy, and the Law Eric Rosenbach FALL
IGA-385 Strategizing for Human Rights: Moving from Ideals to Practice Douglas Johnson FALL
IGA-412 The Geopolitics of Energy  Meghan O’Sullivan FALL
IGA-513 Science, Power and Politics Sheila Jasanoff FALL
IGA-538 Technology, Privacy, and the Transnational Nature of the Internet James Waldo FALL
IGA-109 Negotiation and Diplomacy Nicholas Burns SPRING
IGA-112 The Politcs and Ethics of Statecraft J. Bryan Hehir SPRING
IGA-116 Great Power Competition in the International System Nicholas Burns SPRING
IGA-121 Religion and World Politics: Connections and Collisions J. Bryan Hehir SPRING
IGA-140 Geopolitics, Human Rights, and the Future of Statecraft Samantha Power SPRING
IGA-147 Civil Resistance: How it Works Erica Chenoweth SPRING
IGA-170 Realism in International Relations Stephen Walt SPRING
IGA-224 Decision Making in Recent Crises Samantha Power SPRING
IGA-229 Violence, Gender, and Global Politics Dara Cohen SPRING
IGA-231 (offered as Gov 1728) The Politics of Terrorism: Causes and Consequences from a Global Perspective Erica Chenoweth SPRING
IGA-236 Cybersecurity Technology, Policy, and Law Bruce Schneier SPRING
IGA-390 21st Century Global Feminisms Zoe Marks SPRING
IGA-422 Global Food Politics and Policy Robert Paarlberg SPRING
IGA-507 Science and Technology in Domestic and International Policy  John Holdren SPRING
IGA-632 Africa in Global Politics Zoe Marks SPRING
IGA-685 Negotiating U.S. Interests in an Evolving Asian Pacific John Park SPRING
Social and Urban Policy
SUP-448 (offered as Gov 2490) The Political Economy of the School Paul Peterson FALL
SUP-449 Politics and Education Policy in the U.S. Martin West FALL
SUP-575 Political Analysis and Strategy for U.S. Health Policy Robert Blendon SPRING
SUP-601 Urban Politics, Planning, and Development Quinton Mayne SPRING
SUP-715 Morals, Money, and Movement Cornell Brooks SPRING
International Development
DEV-308 Social Institutions and Economic Development Michael Woolcock SPRING

*Enrollment for this course is restricted to juniors and seniors.

**20 spaces in IGA-103 are being reserved for undergraduates.