Claudine Gay

    Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
    Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and Professor of African and African American Studies

    My research interests are in the fields of American political behavior, public opinion, minority politics, and urban and local politics. My research has...

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    Yon Soo Park

    Yon Soo Park

    PhD Student in Government
    Concentration Adviser for Eliot House

    I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard University with a focus on international relations. In my dissertation, I examine the ways...

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    Tyler Simko

    Tyler Simko

    PhD Student in Government
    Departmental Teaching Fellow for Quantitative Methods
    Concentration Adviser for Lowell House

    Hi! My name is Tyler, and I'm a PhD candidate in the Gov. Department studying political geography and public policy in the United States. Much of my own...

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